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  • Forever: I'll fix anything that breaks

    51 38.93%
  • 20 years and 500,000 miles. Round trip to the moon

    24 18.32%
  • 10 years and 250,000 miles. One way trip to the moon

    48 36.64%
  • 50,000 miles just like Dads Oldsmobile

    2 1.53%
  • Doesn't matter, I stay new and under warranty.

    6 4.58%
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Thread: How long do you think a motorcycle should last?

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    Back in the Saddle mcmxcivrs's Avatar
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    My personal experience says they'll last until the first deer jumps out in front of you and destroys the bike.

    As long as you can avoid that, they'll keep going for as long as you maintain them, or at least are willing to do so. I don't think I've ever run a vehicle until it was past useful life and I've put quite a few miles on several of them. I'm usually tired of it and lured on by something newer, fancier and shinier. What the subsequent owner(s) do may or may not contribute to the vehicles continued longevity.
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    Before I give an opinion, please note: every motorcycle I have purchased for decades I was sure I would keep forever......never happens with me, I get bored.

    Anyway, back to the question. If I ever kept one long enough I would want at least 100,000 miles out of it with only basic maintenance costs. After 100k I expect repairs to include only minor components, not major items like transmissions, top ends, bottom ends, etc. About 200k I would then be ok with having to work on top ends, etc.

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    OK, I'll play.

    This pertains only to a good quality motorcycle. As long as the motorcycle is taken care of properly, it should last as long as the owner. I had one such bike, a 1980 r100rs that I owned and rode for over thirty years. I really think that it would have lasted me another 25 or until my demise, but it burned in a garage fire and I didn't. So, now I got another that has taken it's place. I think the older bmw's will be around far longer after the newer ones have gone to the bone yard. My opinion, don't beat me up.
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    Since I sold my still working /7 with 150 K miles on it to another Airhead member -- who's freshened it up for another XXX K miles, the answer to the question might well be: another question.
    How much are you will to do to keep a (BMW) motorcycle running for X number of miles?
    For the record, Bike magazine (UK) just published their teardown of their long term test Oilhead. After 100-thousand miles, there was very little wear. It was on its second clutch plate.
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    Longer than my next ride, my wallets capacity and my interest.

    But this is a trick question and you want a mathematical answer...42 ...
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    Bought my 1977 R100RS with 68,000 miles on it in 1986.

    501,515 miles so far.

    As long as I can still get parts for it I will ride it!

    there is no end in sight!
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    It should last until I'm ready for the next one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PGlaves View Post
    Some BMW models need a top end rebuild about every 100K miles, and lots of carburetor and ignition parts over the miles. ...... For the right bike I vote forever.
    That pretty much speaks to my 73 R75/5. Two top ends, one bottom end and a handfull of diaphrams in 387,000 plus miles. I loved that bike and planned to ride it forever. I did the bottom end just a few thousand miles before I sold it. I sold it, and a number of other motorcycles about a year after I had a stroke and was told I'd never ride again, when it really looked like that was true. Now - I'd like to be able to have my old friend back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lkchris View Post
    It's a pretty silly question. Not a particuarly valid sample here, either.
    excuse me, will you please watch where you point that thing? i think you just got some on my shoe.


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    I tend to buy and hold, and do my own maintenance and any other repair work I can.

    but I know when I'm out of my paygrade and these bikes get to the point where yes, they'll last because they're ultimately rebuildable... especially the airheads... or bulletproof like the early Ks, so I don't think I'll ever see 500k in any bike that I personally own.

    I sure do admire people who can keep them running so well for so long.

    Go soothingly through the grease mud, as there lurks the skid demon.
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    Talking They will last forever with proper maintenance

    BMW's that is!!!!!!


    My personal experience says they'll last until the first deer jumps out in front of you and destroys the bike.


    The garage burns down!!!

    Now continue
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    How long should a bike last? Good question, too many variables. My 2 Airheads should outlive me and they are willed to my boys. They can ride them, sell them, put them in their living room. But.... that is what I am thinking right now.... My Airhead guru may die and he has a lot to do with my Airhead experience; I might get sick; I may need the money; I may loose my mind; like I said too many variables. Interesting question though... If I can I will ride them forever and only add bikes to the garage, not sell them.... (and of course keep them up to par)

    No need for harsh words though, but some folks have a sharp tongue...
    Keep the rubber side down!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by PGlaves View Post
    It comes down to how much are you willing and able to spend.
    Ditto this and add that it also depends on how much of an emotional attachment you have to the bike.

    Another factor could be the state of the art of engine management technology and will it be supplanted by new and maybe incompatible technology. Who out there is using a 30 year old computer?

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    It's an interesting question, and highly subjective of course.

    The limiting factor to me is parts, or ability to fabricate parts. My buddy just restored a 1937 Lincoln and it looks and runs like it was new, including the interior. Of course he spent about $40k to do it. But PARTS are available.

    My 2005RT: Will the computer chip be available in 40 years? I sort of doubt it. Maybe, since BMW is pretty good about parts for old bikes, but I don't know.
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