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Thread: hot weather jacket

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    Quote Originally Posted by lonetour View Post
    Does anuone else make a kevlar jacket?

    Rukka uses something similar, but rated better. The Rukka Armas is one of the only suits in the world to be CE approved for professional use.

    "Motorradfahrer" tested the Armas suit for a full year and 15.000 kilometers under all kinds of weather conditions with temperatures from below 0?? C to more than 30?? C. All testers felt comfortable in the suit under all of these conditions and had no problems whatsoever. They especially liked the easy handling of the Lockout Closure, the detachable thermal-lining with Outlast thermal regulation, the detachable collar of elastic Gore-Tex laminate, and the ventilation openings on the shoulders.
    "Tourenfahrer" publishes the test results for 10 high end textile suits and explains the newest technologies such as the waterproof Gore Lockout closure and the highly abrasion resistant Gore SuperFabric.
    The testers cannot but confess that in most cases Rukka is the first company to introduce new garments making use of these new technologies. The Armas suit did not only receive a "Empfehlung" (= recommendation) but with 14 of 15 possible points it reached the highest score of all these high end textile suits."

    I use my Rukka Armas in all temperatures, ridden long miles ranging from 15?? to 115??F. Over 80?? I use a cool vest and stay wet underneath. It's like riding with air conditioning.
    I would NEVER consider mesh for LD travel, I wear my BMW mesh for around town and thats it. Nothing worse than having hot air blow on you all day and dehydrate you quickly.

    There's only two things bad about Rukka, the price (but you get what you pay for), and the lack of good US distribution.
    It's worth the effort to get it though.
    I'll be happy to elaborate more if anyone's interested in Rukka gear.

    Back to the OP's question directly, The Rev'it Air is a decent mesh jacket for about $200, if that's what you want to get it's a great jacket for the price.

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    Mike in NJ
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    I bought a Tourmaster Sonora jacket last season and am very happy with it. I have a long torso so the 3/4 length works better for me in terms of function and comfort. You can see it here:


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    I have the Motoport air Mesh Kevlar jacket (waist length), and I'm very satisfied with it. Style-wise it is a simple design and looks better than many of the other Motoport gear. When moving, air flows through the mesh fabric freely. If it's over 90 degrees F, I douse my wicking T shirt that I wear underneath the jacket with water and I've got air conditioning (for an hour).

    I also have the Motoport Air Mesh Kevlar Pant and it is just as functional as the jacket. An optional zipper allows the jacket to be zipped to the pant so that they don't separate and leave you exposed in a fall.

    The downside of the pant is that it is more difficult to put on and stylistically it is ugly. Off the bike I feel like I'm wearing clown pants because of the big butt-look they give me. The big seat area is designed to give the room you need to sit comfortably on a motorcycle for long periods, and they are successful in doing that.

    I later bought Motoport's Kevlar Street Jeans, and I like this pant better. They are much better looking. They use a slightly stretchy fiber weaved with Kevlar so the material is more comfortable than the pure Kevlar Air Mesh. I read somewhere that the blending of stretch material with Kevlar gives a cloth that is even more abrasion resistant because it will have more give when it comes in contact with the ground.

    I bought the street jeans with back pockets but ultimately cut them off myself because they created seams under my hiney that would get sore after an hour.

    These kevlar jeans also let the air through very well, perhaps not as freely as in the Air Mesh pant, but superior to regular blue jeans.

    I'll use the street Jeans for around town riding and on short touring trips if I have confidence in dry weather. On extended tours I will wear the Air Mesh pant because of its versatility with liners.

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    just wanted to say that this has been a great discussion with lots of information. I am in the market for new riding gear, something flexible enough to go from cool mountain riding to desert heat (conditions I expect this summer when traveling from Calgary to Sedelia, and back).
    2009 Lava Orange K1300R

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    BMW Airshell Hi-Viz. Excellent in all regards!
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    Jack Herbst
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    Quote Originally Posted by Atomicman52 View Post
    BMW Airshell Hi-Viz. Excellent in all regards!
    It fades very quickly. Dye is of very poor quality.

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