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I've never been a big fan of adding a fuel conditioner/combustion chamber cleaner/carb cleaner to a lubrication system.

I mean, our oils are detergent, are they not? If one properly maintains their bike, how dirty can the inside of a motor be? Every engine I've had the pleasure of disassembling has been as clean as a whistle.

I will await those with greater knowledge to tell me how far out in left field I am (or not).
It's probably more beneficial to sludge-prone engines (I know one of my cars is on that list) but I was wondering if it would be good practice to use it on our oilheads let's say 100 miles prior to an oil change. However, given the design of our oilhead engines, I have some concerns about altering the oil properties and potentially affecting critical parts of the engine. I could be wrong, though.

Hopefully the more experienced will chime in.