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Thread: Satellite Radio Question

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    As a general rule, the one on my bike, the one in my car and the one in Oldwhatshernames car do NOT cut out very often. However, understand that we live in the southwest where we have wide open spaces with little to block signals.

    In heavy tree lined areas, canyons, cities with a lot of very tall building, overpasses and tunnels, the time you spend "out of sight" of the SAT are going to increase, which - as noted above - decreases a reliable signal.

    In Walnut Creek, CA you have mountains, canyons and trees that are going to be a problem fairly routinely.

    I'd say unless you routinely travel outside that area, it may not be worth to cost for intermittent services.
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    In some larger cities Sirius has alternate local transmitters so you can still receive the signal in the "concrete canyons."

    But, if yours cuts out enough to bug you, something's wrong with your hardware.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lkchris View Post
    But, if yours cuts out enough to bug you, something's wrong with your hardware.
    I agree with this 100%. I have a portable unit, and XM SkiFi 2, I think. I've had it for a few years, and move it between the car and the bike seasonally. It's in almost daily use, and I rarely have a problem with it dropping out. There are a couple of areas it doesn't seem to like, but very few. I love that I can ride cross continent and never have to search for a 'local' station to listen to.

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