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Thread: Cross Country on a Honda Cub?

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    Cross Country on a Honda Cub?

    I guess I've always assumed that most folks who read this forum also follow ADVRiders...but just in case, here's a really cool Ride Report that I've been following over inspires me to travel further with less...and makes me feel a little spoiled.

    I hope there's no rule prohibiting the sharing of interesting links...

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    I've been subscribed for a while; the kid writes well.

    When I first started reading the thread, I kept thinking that going cross country this way, would be easier than by doing it on a bicycle.

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    Wow, the kid has got some stones, eh?

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    sweet! To be 18 and fearless.

    I thought I was going to see wezul on a Vespa alongside

    Wasn't there a ride report of someone crossing paths with the Italian couple crossing on a smaller Vespa a year or two ago?
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    I've got one of those C70 cubs. A friend bought it new in 1981, only has 1500 miles on it, but he stored it with gas in the tank for 25 years. I found a replacement tank and a few other things, amazing how many new parts you can still get for it.

    And yup, the kid writes well, just read the whole thread to date. His take on much of the country is about the same as mine when I did the trip at age 20 in 1970 on four wheels, in the opposite direction. The big diff is many of those small towns on back roads in the west were more active then. Much of the interstate system in the west was not yet built in 1970. I wish I still had my old maps to compare.
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    I could push a C 70 as part of a weight loss program.
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