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Thread: Wife Says I Spend Too Much Time on These "Forum Things"

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    Wife Says I Spend Too Much Time on These "Forum Things"

    Am I the only one out there who's significant other feels they spend too much time on forums? In the spirit of full-disclosure, I submit to this one and two others (CROSSTOUROWNERSCLUB and ADVRIDER). At the very most, I'm thinking ten minutes a day average.

    She asks me why I'm so "addicted". I told her it's not about addiction, rather, contribution to a repository of sorts that lends a helping hand to people who may be looking for a specific reference. I also stressed how much money and time others have saved us in the past by contributing information that we found helpful. To be honest, it also centers me; being able to talk about something I genuinely enjoy... Cars, bikes and stuff.

    Anyone sharing this boat with me?

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    Usually, it's not about how much time I'm spending on the forums, but rather how much time I'm not spending with our son, her, helping out around the house, etc. As long as I'm getting the other things done, my wife doesn't really comment on how much time I spend on the forums. Now, if I'm on 'puter for a while, and not interacting with our son when he wants my attention--let's just say my wife lets me know how she feels at that moment.
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    Two motorcycle forums

    Two kayaking forums

    Two bicycle forums

    Was your wife talking about me‘«™‘«™

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    My wife is so overjoyed to be in my presence that she never complains about anything I do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jay1622 View Post
    Am I the only one out there who's significant other feels they spend too much time on forums?
    I've been online for 27 years. My wife likes it that way.
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    I been married 33 years and have learned one thing for sure.... If she's not complaining about one thing , it will be something else ! So.... when my wife says I spend to much time on email, forums etc. I know you could insert anything , fishing, motorcycling, loafing, cell phone, etc, etc in the blank.

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    My spouse is quite happy and has no concern about how much time I spend on the forums.

    As long as the kitchen floor is mopped, the carpets are vacuumed, the laundry is clean, the beds are made, and the dishwasher is loaded, I'm good to go...

    Bill Johnston

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    I just wait till she logs onto facebook.............
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    My problem is competing for bandwidth as Annie is surfing the same forums on her iPad.
    Kevin Huddy
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    My wife see me on the forums all the time but the only one she knows the name of is the Adventure riders.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 35634 View Post
    I just wait till she logs onto facebook.............
    Now that's funny!

    Helen shakes her head, but spends more time on the phone than I do here. She doesn't get the Forum thing...does get the riding thing( since she rides as well) so I'll live
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    my wife sees me

    Ater 30 years of marriage, and a career where I have traveled up to 200 days a year, mine is happy anytime I am in the house with her, no matter what i am doing, even working 7 days a week, long hours, at least I am in the house every night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JDOCKERY132445 View Post
    My wife is so overjoyed to be in my presence that she never complains about anything I do.
    Aww, you got one of those inflatable wives.
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    Ya need to get your wife a Hobby. Or as I did, I bought mine a new Trike. Now I can do as I wish...
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    I just ask if she'd rather I be out with the guys fishing, hunting or drinking.

    It works.

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