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Thread: Utah... what are the best adventure rides?

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    Utah... what are the best adventure rides?

    looking for good adventure detours that lead toward the Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, UT.



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    Zion, Hwy 12, I say skip Bryce, Burr Trail, Hite Overlook, Torrey, then head from there.
    Southern Utah, in other words.

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    Quote Originally Posted by David13 View Post
    Zion, Hwy 12, I say skip Bryce, Burr Trail, Hite Overlook, Torrey, then head from there.
    Southern Utah, in other words.

    How about Escalante Steps??? is that typically rideable by a bike loaded with camping stuff?

    How are you with a GPS?

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    Been there, done it:)

    Many times over and the answer is yep for a few and NO for most. Almost a sure bet you'll cause damage to a GS, but done by some indeed. Most recent, I rode 3 years ago the E. steps areas and Burr Trail end to end. No finer places to ride, but groups are safer and solo's better get their heads examined. Me, did it solo but wondered frequently about my saneness out there alone. NOBODY is going to rescue you in them there parts. I won't go back in there alone. Took two days, riding mostly seeing NO folks anywhere, just me a GSA1200 and "not enough" water, July..."Polarbear"....CARRY water folks, MORE than you think you'll need, 3 gallons at least, no joke in Utah badlands. You live or you don't, only the birds and ground critters will know.

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    I would suggest riding and camping on The White Rim Trail if you visit southern Utah.
    Unbelievable scenery, easy trail and very few people, at least during the best times to visit in the fall and spring... don't visit the desert in the summer, that's what mountains up north are for.
    You'll need a permit to camp, something you can get at the ranger's station at Canyonlands NP near Moab.
    Hopefully this year the loop will be back in action, last fall it still wasn't due to a wash out, but you could ride about 80 miles into the trail.
    That info can be found on the Canyonlands site.

    Also, it's my opinion to not be scared about solo adventure travel, carry a SPOT and have a plan worked out with someone watching your progress at home.
    Don't overpack and make your ride easier/safer.
    While it may seem very remote like nobody will come find you, the is America and plenty of professionals in that area just waiting to come rescue you.... someone will ALWAYS come and find you, this isn't Mexico - if you have the SPOT and a solid plan of action with outside help in case of emergency. Tracking, with scheduled OK check in functions to family members, etc.
    Life is too short not to take calculated risks and feel alive, or depend on yourself and your family at home IMO.

    If you do loop down into southern UT from out east on your way to SLC, you should also ride the Alpine Loop in Colorado on the way IMO.... Great thing is the Alpins loop and the Moab area are less than a days ride from each other on dirt via TAT, giving you some of the best of the best riding in NA in the same day. You won't want to leave either area.
    Hell, why not ride sections of the Trans America Trail to get you where you want to go with a little adventure along the way.

    Lots of GPX tracks on my site.

    Have fun on your Adventure!


    Alpine Loop

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    Website - lostrider

    Just looked at your website - very nice!!

    Video of crash was good to show why ATGATT!!!!

    glad to see you did not get hurt - to bad --but the cause of crash very interesting!!
    1974 R75/6 W Sidecar
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