I was watching the Hard Miles video over the weekend and saw how the Iron Butt riders would take information from their rally packs and enter it into mapping/routing software within hours. It made me wonder what folks are using that may be better than what I am using.

I started with a Garmin 2720 which was okay and then used Zumo 550 with Mapsource which worked okay but it is not the most intuitive program. When I updated to the Zumo 660 and BMW Nav IV the routes no longer transfer from Mapsource very well even if the version of maps within Mapsource match the maps on the GPS unit.

I know some are having better luck with Basecamp but that seems even less intuitive than Mapsource. I've read through the various post on the Zumo forum and other places of the years to help make sense of the Mapsource program and before I start learning Basecamp was wondering if anything exist that is better.

Is there a good non-Garmin program out there to create routes and have them transfer to the Zumo 660 or Nav IV without getting all jumbled up?