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    Stampeding every which way

    Hello from Calgary.
    I wanted to take a few minutes to thank everyone for the time and energy you take to share your rides, pictures, and wealth of experiences. In a few weeks i hope to share a ride of my own.

    I am a one year veteran lurker of the MOA and other bulletin boards. I signed up at the 2011 Bike show after 6 months of ownership of a 2010 F800GS anniversary edition. In the first summer, I put on 10,000 km riding down the coastal highway to SF then back thru interior twisties of Oregon. The next summer, another 10,000 including a trip to Skagway, AK and back. Now on Feb 25th, I am about to start the drive down to Yuma with truck and bikes and then venture down the Baja to Cabo.

    Not as many miles as others, but more than many weekend riders. I have been loving my new ride going on road trips, and then weekend rides onto the back roads, and green lanes around home with my friend Andy and his crew of off road doers.

    I am not one that lives for wrenching and I am not one to spend a lot of time researching the options. I just love to ride. So these amazing trips are mostly thanks to the inspiration and work of my ride partners. So hats off to all of you, like my partners, who have already shared your adventures and who have blazed trails for us newbies.

    Muchas Gracias
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