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Thread: CB /Radar Hookup

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    CB /Radar Hookup

    I have my radar detector mounted on a front shelf that I built, with earbuds connected to it. I'm trying to figure out a way to connect a handheld CB so that it also runs through my earbuds as well and possibly a CD. I want the radar detector to override everything else. I like to listen to the CB chatter when I drive long distances for the traffic and radar updates.Music would be nice but last on the list if I have to give something up. The CB I'm considering is a Cobra.I also believe they have some kind of PTT switch and it comes with a DC adapter.I was mostly interested in listening in on the CB but if there was a simple set up to talk that woud also be nice. I really would appreciate your input because I'm trying to get all this organized for the National.Thanks, John

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    Check me if I'm wrong, but according to the BMW Anon book having or installing any earphone type device in your helmet is illegal in both RI and MA?!?!? Any of the dealers and shops doing installs realize this?

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    Check with the folks at J&M Corp. They do helmet audio systems, interfaces for many CBs and Valentine Radar audio, and can provide your choices of mics, PTT buttons and set-ups for most of the popular systems.

    I have been using their equipt for six years. I have asked their help in mods and adding to my system, and have sent hardware for repair only to learn it was "warranty".

    They are the top of my list. rf

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    John -
    Check this site. Jeff makes an audio over ride box.

    There is also the schematic & parts list published on the site if you'ld like to try yourself
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    E-hookup device

    There was a new Rally vendor that had a product called "Mix-it". One of the guys I ride with bought one & used it on the way home - worked well. Has a volume and on/off control as opposed to the Autocom device of just unplugging things.
    Not trying to sell anything - just another option. I understand he is working on a "priority over-ride" version for release soon.
    The link is

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