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Thread: Poor sound on BMW Communication System on '11 R1200RT

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    rear speaker out

    Where is the rear speaker out?

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    poor audio

    Sorry...and what is a BMW connector..? And where do I get one? Obviously, my audio out to my expensive Schuberth helmet stinks and I'm trying to get better sound... Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Docskydive View Post
    Where is the rear speaker out?
    You use the "rear-speaker" plug in the nose of the bike and wire to a 3.5mm jack. See this BMWLT thread and/or this other BMWLT thread and/or this BMWSportTouring thread

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    Thanks to everyone's input regarding the BMW system, I will continue to use my current setup - a Sena SMH10 paired to a Samsung P3 8G (bluetooth) MP3 player. Holds thousands of songs and volume/sound quality is pretty good. I wear earplugs which helps diminish the unwanted wind/road noise and allow the music to be heard very well.

    When I buy a new helmet, I'm going to tweak the position of the speakers with spacers to be closer to my ears which I think will make a good system even better.

    I was contemplating installing the BMW system on my 2010 RT which does not have any stereo system at all. Sounds like BMW is living up to their reputation of denying a problem exists (for years) and sticking it to the customer.
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    Thanks Idisposable!

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    Buy Used

    Well I followed your advice. I bought a 2009 R1200RT. Buying all the latest at the mostest price is cool but what is the difference on the return fun factor. So I paid 1/2 as much as the newbees and I am having more than 50% fun. Any advice from fellow 2005-2007 RTs is welcome.

    Dealer availability is a big problem for us and BMW. Harley dealers are everywhere. but try to find a BMW dealer. None in Delaware, None in South Jersey and None in the Philly area! None. I get the economy crashed the local dealers but BMW needs to open a "factory" store in these hi population areas so people can see the product. If you can't see the product, can't find the product, you can't buy the product. So here I live in a highly populated area and I need to drive 2 hours in 3 of 4 compass directions to get to a dealer. 2 of the three close a 5 pm on weekdays so its Saturday only visits. I think they really need to rethink this private dealer setup they have. It really does not make sense. Or like so many already have, surrender and buy a Harley, I hate the thought of it.

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    Question BMW Communicator AND Shuberth bought back by BMW

    I had repeated Comm System problems, and given I haven't had my 14R1200RTW for most of the past 8 months, that means a Comms System failure about every three weeks. Most of my failures were failure to charge, or hold a charge. My dealer replaced the controller unit twice without question. On the third such failure, my Parts person suggested I talk with BMW NA. I did and first was told they'd buy back only the Comms Unit. That left me with a Shuberth that I bought ONLY because it accomodated the BMW Comms System and ONLY because the BMW Comms System was the ONLY comms systems that uses all of the new wiz bang features of my 2014 R1200RTW. I had to reject and strongly reject the offer, and BMW NA finally agreed to repurchase both the Comms System and the Shuberth.

    OK, now I'm rid of that constant bother. And, now I have to find the next best thing. I have a Nolan helmet with NCom and it seems to work for much of the comms capacity: Nav V, iPhone, Helmet to Helmet, etc. But, it doesn't do it all! I have to choose; iPhone or Radio, etc.

    Can anyone recommend the communications systems that most nearly provides the capabilities of the BMW Comms System?

    Thanks for your questions and suggestions!

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