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Thread: What is wrong with BMW in getting accesories for the GT in a timely mannor ??????

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    What is wrong with BMW in getting accesories for the GT in a timely mannor ??????

    Took delivery on my 2012 GT in November. Still waiting for my engine guards to appear in Daytona Beach ... "Daytona BMW / Ducati / Triumph Dealer". The received 1 and now awaiting for the second one. So glad and I advise all other owners of the gt or gtl not to pay up front for any of the extras as they are behind the times for all of us in shipments and customer service and accesories from BMW ... Germany just does not get it ... that is a true fact ! BMW Motorad so sophisticated as they think ... but so below our expectations and behind the times.

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    Not the Daytona dealers problem, don't need to call them out.

    You bought a first gen new model. Change the marquee name to any other imported brand and you will have the same issue.

    Your individual opinion is truly not always a fact...just sayin'

    At least you are able to ride in FL...others don't have that option right now...enjoy the ride!
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    If we took a poll probably 8 out of 10 folks would say don't buy an early specimen of a model, and many would say don't buy a first year version of a new bike. I don't necessarily agree and have had good luck with three early new model bikes.

    But, there is a lag in getting accessories. It just is! Almost always! I expect it. And the aftermarket is even a bit slower than that.
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    Post in Motorrad section ...

    ... combined with this one could suggest K16 a bit rushed to market.

    Some buyers rush to buy things like that.

    So, not only accessories but maybe spare parts in general.
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    The first year of *any* vehicle it is usually hard/slow to get replacement parts (as opposed to accessories) -- it simply takes time for the warehouses to get stocked, particularly where production line demand for parts gets first priority.

    That said, accessories are a different story. They can be developed alongside the vehicle and be heading for dealer shelves when the vehicles hit the ground -- and they clearly weren't in the case of the K16.

    I am aware that there were quite a few unhappy dealers at the K16 accessory situation, particularly where one of the NA folks responsible for aftermarket stuff was quoted just before the launch as saying that there was no question that most of the accessories were on-time and would definitely be ready to go (dealers *really* hate to lose accessory sales accompanying the vehicle purchase -- the time when buyers are much more likely to say "sure, add that on too").

    So, I am perfectly willing to accept a wait for repair parts in the first year of a new bike. But I see no reason to accept "it's new" as an excuse for not having the accessories ready. If there's a reason beyond BMW's control (like a supplier going under, as happened at the last minute with a couple of their K16 accessory suppliers) I have the patience to be understanding. But absent a good reason (a reason which is preferably also communicated to the customers), no sympathy here.
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