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Thread: Sick and Tired of the Comparison of GW to BMW GT/GTS ... DAM

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    The only number that matters to me in motorcycling is the one I see on my odometer. Pretty much any other numbers or comparisons, while fun to read and think about, are not so meaningful. But compare away, who cares. Last time I checked though, no motorcycle writer had figured out a way to tell me what bike I was going to like the best. I had to get out there and ride them myself and figure it out - and that was way more fun than reading comparisons.

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    No BMW dealers anywhere around here and I'm both a bit cheap and lazy so do all my own maintenance and don't want to do as much as either bike requires- plus I like lighter rather than chunky. And I keep stuff a decade and really don't want to be debugging screwed up electronics which is a certainty with current BMW cars and can easily be predicted for the 6 cyl bike as well. So neither would be my choice. I do enjoy reading what others think about new machines but it no substitute for a test ride.
    I find myself wondering if the new Motus will ever appear and whether its apparent "small block" / chain drive simplicity will prove more durable, more fun and easier to maintain than even my RT. Still missing the maintenance simplicity of the smokers of my youth.

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    Lay Off The Adult BEverages Until You Are Done Posting For The Night ...

    Quote Originally Posted by john1691 View Post
    I think it's natural for both the media and owners to draw some comparisons between 6 cylinder, 800 lb., feature laden, $24,000+ motorcycles. Sure they are not the same, but if I were looking for a 2 up, long distance bike, I'd want to know what people who have had a chance to put miles on them really think. I'm no Dr. or Lawyer, so if I scrimp and save for a GTL, gas mileage will be a concern, as will routine maintenance costs.

    I'm thinking some among us need to get out and ride, or at least lay off the adult beverages until you're done posting for the night........
    Get out and ride ? Join us, June 12th 2012 for 2 weeks in Milan ... another great European ride to Cortinia, Laga Garda, Laga Como and the Swiss boder ... as far as as your comment re: "adult beverages" ... I don"t do them when driving my autos, on my BMW's / Motorcycles or when Offshore fishing. Thank you for your kind response. Ride safely and live and be well my friend.

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    Milan sounds great, but will have to wait a few years. Two kids in college now, one more still in high school. It is on my wife and my wish list though.

    If you were to look at the history of my posts over the years, you'd see I tend to get cranky this time of year, specially late on a weekend evening after a couple bourbons..... I've tried to not do that in recent past though. I certainly never drink and ride/drive. Like my flight instructor preached, 8 hours from the bottle to the throttle..........

    Enjoy Milan, hope to read about it in ON when you get back! Or at least a Ride Report here on the forum.

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