Can't seem to break away from my desire to add more light to my RT.

I saw some PIAA's the other day surfing around on Amazon. Has anyone ever tried the P 3000 tri beams or the P 4000 Quattro's mounted on their bike? I know the Quattro's are primarily for trucks and SUV's but that shouldn't stop someone from trying them on a bike.

By the time I finish with an HID install, HP LED's and maybe some more PIAA's or Hella's I could be called upon in an emergency to light up the runway at the airport!

BTW, I know that adding all this light would be massive overkill. I would only fire em all up at the same time with little or no traffic on my way to work. I leave the house at 0 dark 30 and I want to melt a few deer on the way.