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Thread: fuel sensor on 2012 r1200r

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    fuel sensor on 2012 r1200r

    I bought my 1200 R1200R with about 8,000 miles on it from Max BMW in New Hampshire and had to replace the fuel sensor a year later after only about 2,000 miles. Now this second sensor has failed after another 2,000 miles. Replacing this one presumes that it too will fail… Is my experience typical? Suggestions from anyone?


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    Here is a poll and a lot of comments:

    You should be under warranty on the replacement...some last, some do not
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    Tony - when you're done reading that LONG thread - please DO go to the NHTSA/DOT website and report the failure as described in the thread. While BMW does warranty the strips for 12 years from the date your bike was first sold (meaning you're good until 2024) they haven't fixed the problem and it WILL just keep on occurring. I'm on #3 on my '12 R1200R (and it's acting oddly), and had 8 or 9 on my '07 R1200R. It isn't cost - it's the inconvenience that bugs me.
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    Yep, it's typical. The fuel strips are just one of those things where BMW got too ambitious with their technology.
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