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Thread: Fuses on a 1974 R 90 6

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    Fuses on a 1974 R 90 6

    I was adjusting my hand brake light switch and accidently blew the fuse for the brake lights and the turn signals. I looked at the owners manual and I think the fuses are behind the headlight. The manual tells you how to put the headlight and ring back on but not how to take it off. Help.

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    there's a screw at the 6:00 position & slightly to the rear which releases the chrome ring. mind the spring clips.
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    On a '74, you might have a compression fitted headlight bezel. If, at the bottom of the bezel, there is no screw, then it is a push fit. For these bezels, you put a screwdriver in the gap at the bottom and turn. The bezel will jump off.

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    On the 74, should be a screw as described above (six oclock position) on the chrome ring. Don't fully remove the screw, just loosen, as it is a clamp. Ring, lens, reflector all come off. Easiest to disconnect big plug going to big bulb and wire to park lamp, set the assembly aside while you replace the fuse. You may have to move some wires to get access to fuses, but you shouldn't have to disconnect anything ele. Fuses are on top of the connector board.

    Be interesting to find out what is in the headlight bucket. Sometimes previous owners make "modifications".


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