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Thread: r90/6 correct turn signals

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    r90/6 correct turn signals

    I have a 1976 r90/6 that I have been slowly working over, and I keep finding questionable repairs. I removed the front turn signals, and something doesn't seem right. I have the black plastic type turn signals with the tightening screw located inside the housing, are they correct for my year/model? They were "shimmed" with electrical tape to keep them in place. Am I missing a rubber seal or something?

    Any help is appreciated.

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    My new 76 /6 came with the black housings. The clamps get warped by overtightening. With some judicious bending of the tabs they can be made to tighten properly again.

    There is a special grommet for the housing. If it is missing, you need one.

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    Those Black Plastic Signal Housings are famous for getting loose.

    If you are not stuck on "originality" you can use /5 turn signal housings that are aluminum and they won't come loose.

    That's what I did.
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    Max BMW has the parts fiche online. When in doubt, checking the original parts fiche is the way to go.
    Here's a link to the fiche for your R90/6.

    Select number 63 (Lighting) and scroll down the diagrams to 63_0349 - TURN INDICATOR.
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    Thanks for the info. Looks like I need to order some grommets.

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