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Thread: The Best Dakar Story?

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    The Best Dakar Story?

    The article "Husqvarna Rallye Team Earns Six Podium Finishes at Dakar" is interesting and well done. I watched the results with interest. The team did a great job, and if funded properly should do very well in future Dakars.

    There was no mention of one of the more heartwarming and outstanding achievements of the Dakar from a USA perspective; there was only one US citizen that finished the race. Ned Suesse of Colorado Springs decided in 2010 to put his life on hold and make the Dakar his life. He made up his ride in his garage, put together his support at the race, arranged for sponsorship and transportation, and rode the race to the very finish, in 53rd place. Its a very heartwarming story about the perseverance, determination, and skill of a privateer in every sense of the word. His photo appears on the first page of, and hundreds of pages of posts following his every move is in the Dakar coverage of the same site.

    Though he did not ride a BMW product in this race, he has brought GS's to their knees in the past, and probably will again.

    Since this is a motorcycle owners of AMERICA site, I thought the story should get a mention.

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    Congrats to Ned

    Congrats to a fellow Colorado rider. I love that race, as my screen name suggests, and I totally love the privateers like Ned, who give up so much just to compete in the greatest race in the world.
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