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Thread: Greetings to the Northeast Riders

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    Greetings to the Northeast Riders

    My name is Paul White, some know me as Rip and I live in Stamford, Ct. I fully joined BMWMOA a few weeks ago and picked up my first BMW on Saturday. I was able to find a 2004 K1200GT, metallic blue with 9920 miles and what a great machine. It was a great ride home and being able to ride in January in the northeast is a blessing.
    I introduced myself in the main forum but wanted to introduce myself here as well in case it was missed in the main forum.
    I don't have any riding mates and hope to join up for various rides and rallies in the northeast this riding season.
    Thanks for reading my post and hope to see you our on the road this season.

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    Hi Paul, welcome aboard. There is a fair amount going on in the Northeast. A good place to keep an eye on activities is at the Yankee Beemers Site. There is a group in Vermont and Rhode Island. There are also some groups from ADV that have get-togethers. Ride safe. Gary
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    Good Morning Rip,

    Welcome aboard! I'm right over the border in Westchester, maybe we can hook up for a ride sometime.

    That's a great bike you've picked up, I had one myself before my RT and really loved it. The sound alone coming out of that inline 4 is enough to give you goosebumps, and you'll never be lacking for power when you need it!

    We have a pretty active club right near you called The Westchester Beemers Motorcycle Club. You can find us online at

    If you're interested send me a P.M. with your e-mail and I'll get you more info, or you can pick up one of our brochures at MAX's.

    Hope to see you out there!

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    Hi Paul
    I'm a YBer as well as a BMW motorcycle rider of Vermont club member,welcome
    to the BMW MOA. I Ride a 2004 K1200 also. My bike is pedmont Red with 8700 miles.
    I live in Bennington VT. and hope to see you on the road soon.

    Dan W
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    Greetings !

    Hi Paul,

    There is no better place to meet other riders than at a rally. One of the first
    and best events of the season is the Downeast Rally on Hermit's Island in
    Phippsburg, Maine. The rally is run by my club, The BMW Riders of Southern
    Maine and it's always a great time. Camping on the Maine coast, lots of
    BMW riders, warm hospitality and a fabulous Saturday night lobster dinner. What's not to like?
    Join us, you'll be glad you did. Go to for details and to register.

    Happy Trails Paul, hope to see you there. Don

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    Paul - My first Rally was Down East Hermit Island - That's where I met Don & his wife.
    This year I have a cabin, my son joins me now & have met friends I see each year from Nova Scotia. A lot less traffic up North & friendlier people here as well
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    Different Don?

    Cambridge K,

    I think you have me mistaken for another Don who goes to Hermit Island as my wife has never attended. He is a great guy. I haven't attended Hermit Island for nearly as many years as he has and I have seen his wife there a couple of times I think. You may have met me though, if not there at the Yankee Beemers wonderful Pemi River Rally in June. I go almost every year and enjoy the fatastic hospitality of the Yankee Beemers. (Paul, another great rally to attend!). You did respond to one of my posts on the BMW Riders of Southern Maine about my GS 911, so I think we may meet there this year so you can see it in action. Happy Trails, Don K.

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    Welcome Paul!
    Ct. River Valley BMW is the only club in Ct.

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    Welcome and if you wander north to NH, let me know. I'll show you some fun roads.

    John & Cathy
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    Hey Paul!!
    Welcome to the dark side and nice choice for the bike. I do also have a 05 K1200S in the garage with others. Don't you know Beemer riders usually ride solo? Just kidding.
    Join the CRVBMW and you will have receive all the rides information.
    I am located in Cromwell CT and there are many many nice riders in CT. Way too many nice roads to ride and so little time to do so.

    Every Sunday morning, there are a great number of riders meeting at the milford CT for breakfast, rain or shine.

    You can also find my contact information at the officer list at CRVBMW site.

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    Greetings to the Northeast Riders

    Hi Paul. I am also brand new to this site and re-newed to BMW motorcycles after a 27 year hiatus. Live in Westchester County (New Rochelle), about 20 miles south Stamford where my Mom-In-Law lives (exit 35 off High Ridge Road). If you want to hook-up some sunny day give a shout. I ride all winter and so far it's hard to call this mild weather winter at all. What a difference from last year!

    1996 r1100rt that I have not picked up yet but have a few other bikes I ride on a regular basis. You live in a beautiful riding area.

    mike wex

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    Rip, welcome! You wouldn't happen to be the same Rip that gently moved a Coke machine many years ago in Boston with my cousin? If you are, what a small world, regardless welcome and enjoy that beautiful flying brick!
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