Can someone take a picture of his K75C front brake hose for me. I would like to see how it is routed from the master cylinder right front brake handle. I should get a pretty good picture with the handlebars turned full left.


I installed a K75C brake hose onto my 93 K75S now modified with brand new C-bars. However, a quick peek into my Haynes manual and it appears that the C-model brake hose is routed behind the upper fork cross brace (between fuel tank and fork brace) which is quite different than the routing with the S-bars where the hose was routed in front of the fork cross brace.


The brake hose appears to be stretched when the handlebars are turned full left. Plus, I have kept the A&S bar backs which taxes the brake hose lengthwise even more.

I can take a picture of my installation which I incidentally have to redo anyways (I am getting pretty good at bleeding).