A sampler of ghost town sites along the US-24 / Maumee River corridor, between Defiance and Toledo. Written years ago in college English class, but the information is still good:


Additional sites mentioned only in passing (if at all) are the Toledo-Lima Interurban trolley bridge over the Maumee River downstream of Farnsworth Park, and Fort Meigs outside Perrysburg, which is outside Toledo. Fort Meigs is a restored wooden fort from the War of 1812, when control of the Maumee River and Lake Erie was critical to control of the Northwest Territories of the United States, ie, Ohio.

Also, closer to Defiance there's a nesting couple of bald eagles. The Ohio DNR has built a parking lot for viewing them, from the north side of the river.

Hey! Here's more info on Ohio stuff, an article I wrote maybe a year or two ago, "NIMBY and day-tripping", still up in a forgotten area of the MOA servers....


Just my .02, but if you want some scenery and some history, US-24 is a pretty neat way to go.