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Thread: My 3-Horsepower Diet

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    Excellent observations many folks never think about. If I really wanna go fast I have to shed some weight. That explains why those shirtless squids on sport bikes wearing shorts, flip flops and no helmet are able to go so fast.
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    Yup, that's why the starting grid of a MotoGP race looks like a convention of Munchkins.
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    The blog jumped the shark with the posted algebra

    Power = Force x Velocity

    you can equate Force with suspended weight which should be proportional to rolling resistance and aerodynamic drag

    So, if the load (i.e., you) increases, you had better reduce tire rolling resistance and make the "load" as aerodynamic as possible. If you choose the "buck nackid" & bath cap option, please travel at night....when most of us are asleep.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AKBeemer View Post
    Yup, that's why the starting grid of a MotoGP race looks like a convention of Munchkins.
    Or a pro SuperCross race is full of 5'8" 145 lbs riders with the stamina of a race horse and body strength to body weight ratios similar to a professional weightlifter! Most of those guys can barely touch the ground at the starting gate!
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