I agree there is a great deal of stress going on at the Mothership; however, I see the clone wars as symptomatic to stress being felt by entire industry. Where are the riders and what will they want are the questions stress motorcycle executives. To remain viable, let alone grow, companies must expand their offerings to try and capture what ever part they may of a aging and declining number of two wheeled buyers. The Kneeslider had a piece, 'Dangerous Thoughts About the Future of Motorcycles' that does a very good job of making the point I would babble on about.

The head of BMW Motorrad Hendrik von Kuenheim is also the current head of ACEM. This is the European motorcycle manufactures association. He has written extensively in their newsletter about the difficulties the industry faces in keeping motorcycles a viable part of the transportation mix the public chooses.

With all the choices it is a great time to be a rider and a difficult time to be a manufacturer.