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Thread: Advice on solar panel battery conditioners?

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    Advice on solar panel battery conditioners?

    Any of you guys have any advice on solar panel battery conditioners? I am nowhere near a plug as I park in a lot. I was considering getting a solar panel trickle charger/battery conditioner that I can keep on the bike and plugged into my 1995 BMW K1100LT when I am not riding during the day (I work from home).
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    I had one that came with a VW beetle years ago. Was hoping to convert the end to the Kbike plug, but never did it. However, if you are keeping your bike plugged in at night, then riding it back and forth to work, won't that be enough to keep it happy? I used to only plug mine in a couple nights a week until I got my's manual pretty much said 'Plug It In', and since selling that, I have just been in the habit of plugging in the K1200RS. Though I still often go a week or so without plugging it in and have no ill affects I am aware of.....Paul or someone who knows more about charger compatibility may chime in, but my initial thoughts are...'why bother?'
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