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Thread: AMA Women and Motorcycling Conference

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    AMA Women and Motorcycling Conference

    Looking for more information about what the Conference from July 20-26 entails ... does anyone have further details.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lkchris View Post
    Thanks Kent for the website. I've been there myself but discovered that the speakers for the seminar have not yet been posted. Since I am new to the forum and this is only my second post I"ll try to be more specific with my questions in the future.

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    That's because the speakers haven't been selected yet. They'll choose from a wide variety of great ones some time in March.

    But, you can save lots of money preregistering if you do it by April 30th. ($125 vs 175)

    Having been to one I do know you'll have a grand time!

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    Beemers will be a minority there. If you are hoping to connect with BMW riders, I recommend any of the great MOA rallies and events Or the RA rally. If you are hoping to connect with women riders, you will meet some of the most interesting women riders on the planet at the MOA and RA events.

    That said, there will be interesting seminars and points of view at the women in motorcycling rally. As Voni said, register early to save money. I'm planning to be there but will be in major jet lag as I'll be in Poland on the Monday before. Planning to ride to Las Vegas earlier and leave my bike in a friend's garage, fly to Warsaw, rent and ride to a rally there, fly back to Vegas on the Tuesday and ride to Carson City. Yes, I'm nuts!


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    Holly, you amaze me!

    Enjoy your travels!

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