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Thread: First track day with RR out of Dealer Mode...

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    First track day with RR out of Dealer Mode...

    Well, I worked up to it and eventually went WOT on the front straight of Putnam Park Sunday. Can you say: "where's the TP?" After a whole day, was still not used to the amount of acceleration delivered at 10-11K to redline. Feeling the TC cut in to keep the front wheel on the ground full bore at 130mph was just a little bit much for me, and I found myself again and again, rolling throttle - brake early because of how quickly the straight rolled out under me. I KNOW when I need to put on the brakes at this track and couldn't make myself do it at the right time

    Next track day will be a more gentle work-up to using it above 10500 and some short shifts to practice and make it automatic. I may even run to redline in rain mode for a bit for a more gentle cannon-shot.

    I rode a 1993 ZX-11 for 10 years and the acceleration at 130mph on the RR was pretty equivalent to the old ZX at 45.

    Track was a bit damp in the AM and rolling out of corners popped a few DTC lights on the dash. After it dried up, I went up to sport mode and at this point, still got more than I would have thought - either it's really sensitive or I need to respect it a little more and roll on a little slower. Comments???

    I do find myself thinking "where could you possibly use this level of power on a public road?"

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    Track Day on the RR


    I understood that the TC to control wheelies was damped somewhat in the 2012 model but you stated you still found it overly intrusive. In what respect? Was it abruptly cutting off fuel to the engine causing it to buck at 130 mph? Just curious as I'm excited about the RR and wonder if the 2012 or a gently used 2010 - 2011 makes sense (is there such a thing)? Thanks.


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    Nope: didn't buck at all, just gently let the wheel skip app 1/8" or so from the ground and worked as advertised, IMO. You could feel it but it wasn't a showstopper. My GF couldn't see it from trackside. My experiences with DTC are in Rain and Sport Modes, haven't had the nutz to go to Race Mode yet as I want the cushion for mistakes.

    Was kind of looking for some other track day experiences and wondering if having the DTC lights flashing, even if you don't feel them, is an indicator of too much throttle too quickly or a more or less normal thing with the motorcycle.

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    Sounds like a grand day to me. Share more if you will. I would love to be able to join you. Didn't win one in the sweepstakes this year so not sure when that might happen.
    Congrats on being able to do that with the S1000rr

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    Next track day is Sept 23

    Had one this Monday but due to overseas business trip and jet lag from same, I skipped it You need 110% at the track and 150% for an RR, and I didn't want to chance fatigue/tiredness slowing me down at all. Sigh, job stuffed another fun day, but me taking the day off lowered chances of a stuffed motorcycle and scuffed leathers...

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