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Thread: Then and Now Images

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    Those photos are fantastic. I love the history of a place and the old buildings.
    I rode a few of those roads in September last year. And plan to go back this year. The roads in the photos will definitely be on my agenda.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluehole View Post
    I can't get over how interesting it is to see these pictures. I suppose a lot of the work is finding the old pictures. For those of us interested in trying to post similar pictures, what resources do you recommend? I am thinking the local library and historical society.
    Thanks David.

    bluehole... Certainly see if the library or historical society has some old images.

    Another option... I just tried it. Go to Google, Bing, etc. and type in something like "historical photos blacksburg virginia". Look at the link I found...

    If having a hint of an interest in history, along with the adventure of hunting for the location and where the photographer stood a long time ago, framing the same scene, this can a special and fun riding objective.

    Downtown Steamboat Springs 1945...

    Now if I could have climbed to the second floor of the store behind me I could have come a bit closer...

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    Great idea, really enjoyed the comparisons!
    2007 R1200R

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    Wow! Your excellent contributions continue to amaze me, Steve!
    Bob Smith
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    In the late 1800's the townsite of Tarryall, on the magical Tarryall Road (County 77 - Park County) sprang to life with nearby gold and silver deposits... but it wasn't a long "sprang". The town also went by the unflattering name of "graball". Guess the merchants, tradesmen, middlemen, etc. charged or took whatever they could from the miners. The nearby county seat was named "Fairplay" because we "play fair" with the miners. The "garden spot" of Tarryall in the 1880's...

    A riding friend and I wandered all over the place trying to find the location of the above!

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    Exploring with Custer

    I have slight interest in historic photography and the Black Hills of South Dakota. So my children gave me the book "Exploring With Custer, The 1874 Black Hills Expedition". I starts with a collection of Historic Photos take by W.H. Illingworth, A photographer that was imbeded in the cavalry with Custer. Then a modern day photographer Paul Horsted decided to find the exact spot that the historic photos were taken and retake them. A fantastic collection of then and now. The is more to the book than this. If you are interested goto
    Harold In Rapid City, SD
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    OK, some more.

    Quite the scene in Idaho Springs at the turn of the last century as the ore teams prepared to head to the mines in the morning...

    Lunchtime is when the community nowadays oftens sees the most activity. If there was something to stand on other than a pick-up truck bumper, could have gotten higher...

    The Peck House in Empire (at the southern base of Berthoud Pass) is one of Colorado's oldest continuosly operating hotels...

    Much of the interior furniture came with the Peck family in 1862. Not much of an audience this day...

    Speaking of Berthoud Pass, almost 100 years ago, 1915...

    A gorgeous pass in more ways than one...

    Meeker's main street 90 years ago...

    Meeker, in NW Colorado is in the middle of fantastic riding, on and off road...

    Explorer John C. Fremont discovered the pass containing his name in the 1840's...

    That's 14,148 ft. Mt. Democrat in the distance guarding the SW corner of this broad and airy riding pass...

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    What a great idea!

    Would make a great Tag-O-Rama too...
    Take an old Postcard/image and find the location today.

    I used to surf eBay just to look at old post cards...
    Some good stuff comes up some times.

    Thanks for posting these.

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    I too have really enjoyed your posts!

    Please don't stop....

    IBA #44567 Pres. Springfield BMW Roadriders
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    This is facinating!!!
    Please do go on

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    Steve, thanks for this thread. Very interesting. I'd like to try that. Guess I'll be rounding up some old photos to take on my next tour.
    Mark M, St. Louis, '13 R1200GS

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    Kind thoughts everyone. As always. For a few more strolls through past...

    A festive 1901 Labor Day in the thriving, mining community of Eldora...

    Well, with the mines less thriving, so is the now sem-ghost town of Eldora. What a contrast...

    Boy, when roads were created for autos around 1910-1920, there was a craze to go on group "drives". We can relate with our two wheeled things eh? This is Bear Creek Canyon west of Denver. How would you like to be going the opposite direction?

    At the mouth of Bear Creek Canyon then...

    Bear Creek Canyon now...

    When fires swept through communities back then, seriously, little could be done. Many towns saw flames pass through more than once. The Cripple Creek fire of 1896. Dang...

    Hey, let's start building more often with brick. Four years later in 1900...

    And 110 years later. I should actually be a few feet forward...

    About 60 years ago, the D&SP station house in Como was in a state of decay after the tracks over nearby Boreas Pass were pulled up.

    Things are coming around a bit, but things are also still a little slow and sleepy in Como (named by Italian miners who thought the area reminded them of home)...

    Nevadaville, about a mile SW above Central City, boasted in 1865 a population of 4,000... one of the most populous towns in the state at the time. The first big gold strike was nearby...

    The population today now hovers between 5 and 10...

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    Ouray at the turn of the 20th century...

    Today, from that well paused at overlook on the Million Dollar Highway...

    Creede back then...

    BTW, the Silver Thread Scenic Byway (CO 149) passing by Creede is one of the pre-eminent riding roads in the country. 117 miles, no stoplights, two mountain passes, two historic mining towns, two river drainages, the headwaters of the Rio Grande, with entrancing riding the entire length...

    As fires swept through wooden frontier towns, few were as fortunate as the Victor fire department with a dedicated truck and crew, in a brick building no less...

    The two wheeled truck paying homage...

    Nevertheless, little could be done when roaring flames consumed the wooden fuel elsewhere. The great Victor fire of 1899...

    Those without a home to return to following the fire...

    I'm actually on the train bed, and looking the same direction as the fire pic above, but difficult to tell...

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    I really enjoy these Then and Now photos. Thanks!

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    Another great set of pictures. Thanks Steve.
    Mark M, St. Louis, '13 R1200GS

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