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Thread: Then and Now Images

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    Then and Now Images

    Thought I would place a selection of "then and now "photos captured over the years, standing where the photographer stood many years ago. I didn't always get it right... rushed pics, different lens, and other excuses, but hey, there was always a bike pausing nearby or idling underneath . They do, or can, cause moments of reflection.

    The mining community of Apex in the late 1800's, having a 4th of July parade...

    Apex today, a semi-ghost town about five miles NW of Central City...

    Bonanza, as in "It's a bonanza boys!" flared when a rich gold vein was discovered nearby. President Ulysses S. Grant visited upon reports Bonanza could be the next Leadville...

    The gold was mined and fires swept through the close proximity structures (A common fate of many frontier towns... wood heat, wood structures, close proximity, no 911)...

    Tracks were laid over the Boreas Pass summit to haul ores from Leadville to Denver...

    The tracks were pulled up in the 1930's, and in the 1950's a road was placed on the old rail bed. Riding friend Rick cheesily agreed to place himself where the train was...

    The Cathedral Spires along the North Fork of the South Platte...

    Two rails then, two wheels today...

    The pastoral Dedisse Ranch above Evergreen...

    That pastoral Bear Creek above would turn demonic when its raging waters would crash through towns below after heavy rains. The dam creating Evergreen Lake had me off to the side for the "now" pic...

    The Bradford Junction Community in the late 1800's would gather at this ranch for all things social... dances, celebrations, etc...

    Today, busy U.S. 285 passes by the same place near the town of Conifer...

    Gold Hill is the location of one of Colorado's earliest gold strikes. An image from around 1890...

    In a way, not a lot has changed. Well, there are more trees... less need to cut down the nearby woods for structures and heat. Colorado's oldest continuously operating school is here. The massive Four Mile wildfire of September 2010 licked the edges of the town off to the left, but a valiant firefighting effort spared the historical buildings. If you have a BBQ sandwich at the general store, a pot bellied stove is a main source of the heat and the bathroom is about the size of your coat closet...

    A thrilling road for owners of their 1920's cars was built above Golden...

    Today the Lookout Mountain road thrills for owners of two wheeled transportation devices. The sun kindly obliged and a rider was caught just in time on the far left...

    Marshall Pass about 70 years ago...

    And today...

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    Narrow gauge trains/rails were used 100 years ago because, well, they were narrow and could squeeze between canyon walls and rivers. Denver passengers often took weekend trips into the mountains on these trains. Not far from Buffalo Creek...

    The aptly named Peterhead Rock today. Could have climbed higher for a more accurate "now" image, but I risked life and limb just getting this high!

    An 1890's hacked out road just south of Ouray...

    Today's famed Million Dollar Highway...

    Cripple Creek and Victor pumped out so much gold, the amount was greater than the California and Alaska gold rushes combined. Back then Victor had a population of 5,000...

    Today about 100 call Victor home...

    Looking west towards Westcliffe in 1900, towards the dramatic Sangre de Cristos Range...

    Well, someone has surely came along since then with some seeds or seedlings!

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    Great pictures
    I bet some of those shot were not easy to find the correct location for the present pictures.
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    You're going to have to release another book.

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    Thanks for Sharing, I really enjoyed the Pics. I am sharing with some non rider friends.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rinty View Post
    You're going to have to release another book.
    Thanks, that's really neat viewing!

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    That is very cool. You must have put a lot of work into it. I thoroughly enjoyed looking at then and now.

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    Travel broadens the mind, or something like that. What's neat about these pictures is you can not only travel, but travel back in time!

    Great set of pics!

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    I am speechless. Awesome. Funny thing is this that I recently purchased Butler maps for Colorado and Southern California. They had a discounted package when you buy map and book on CO, I didn't know that it was by the author of this thread, so I only purchased the map instead of the combo. Oh well.

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    Awesome! I love these before and now pics!
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    Very inspiring. Can think of some local comparisons and your presentation shows just how well it can be done. thanks. - Bob
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    Hey all, thanks.

    Harry, I think it is... "Travel broadens the mind and TV broadens the butt". I also like what a rider responded with when he had passed 250,000 miles on his bike. Asked what he was thinking while collecting all those miles he said, "Well, I kinda see it as collecting memories, not miles."

    Anyway, the old images can cause a reflection or two. In a way, the individuals seen are on the stage of life, an act or two before us. Now we're on the stage. May we say our lines well! A couple more...

    The Hartsel hotel...

    I pulled over here unplanned, remembering I had seen a photo of this location, but didn't have the old pic with me. Had to guess. What isn't seen/known, is the temps were 10f when I paused for this single pic, freezing the digits when the gloves off! Came pretty close. I learned the '07 R12GSADV's temp gauge stops displaying at 14f, then springs back to life when temps climb above 14f...

    Back when inmates were sentenced to "hard labor", nearby inmates in Canon City constructed this amusement park like road called Skyline Drive.

    If ever in the Canon City area, ride this thing. The one way road with its blind rises will leave you with your stomach in your throat if you gas it a bit.

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    I can't get over how interesting it is to see these pictures. I suppose a lot of the work is finding the old pictures. For those of us interested in trying to post similar pictures, what resources do you recommend? I am thinking the local library and historical society.

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