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Thread: New member from orange,ca.

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    red smoke

    New member from orange,ca.

    Hi everyone, I'm back to owning a 1981 R100RT after 26 years. I just bought a RT in Red Smoke, it only has 16635 mi. on it and was sitting for the last 6 years under a tarp. I had bought a brand new 1981 R100RT in green smoke that was one great bike, but sold it in 1985 for a (BAD WORD) Gold Wing so my Wife was more comfortable on cross country tour. I have been a motorcycle rider for over 40 years, from cushmans (not a motorcycle) but has engine and two wheels (close) to Harleys, Tirumph, BSA, Norton, Yamaha, Susuki, BMW R75/5, R100RT, and 5 different Honda's, now back to BMW.

    I'm now in the process of taking apart the RT and replaceing everything that it needs to make it ready for a trip to Minnesota and all parts in between come late May or early June, but now my Wife has given up being a co pilot as both of us are over 70. I joined the BMW MOA so I can get cought up on all the info on AirHeads I will need to put it back into top condition, I do all my own wrenching. I will close for now as this is getting long and don't want to git thrown off from posting this soon. Thanks Bob

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    Welcome! From green to red...that must be the "devil" in you! Good luck on the refurbishment. Drop down to the Airheads forum if you have any questions for the might even get some help.
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