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Thread: Brown leathers?

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    The U.S. Airforce Cooper A-2 is about the best brown jacket you can own. Also the Airborne, which is a copy of the A-2 is very nice and a better deal price wise. I own both and love em.
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    +1 on the A2.. My wife and I have been wearing them since 1990. However mine seems to have ‘«£shrunk a little‘«ō the past couple of years so I replaced it with the new spec. with inside and hand warmer pockets. It also has a more generous fit then the original, which is still available. By the way, it seems Cooper is no longer in business. However, my new one says ‘«£Cockpit‘«ō ‘šů on the label and DWG No. 30-1415 U555-AC-1776. Not cheap, but every bit as nice as the Cooper.


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    Like Lord Nelson at Trafalgar, I can see the need for brown pants.... just in case things get overly exciting.
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    Taylor's Leather, Tullahoma, TN. Some of the finest leather available. Not so great for pants though.
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    Thanks for the suggestions everyone! Sounds like I'll need to go to one of the custom shops for what I'm searching for and I'm a little too "frugal" for that - at least without touching some samples first! I currently wear an issue G-1 when I feel like leather but after wearing armored fabric jackets for years putting on an unarmored jacket feels about like riding in a T-shirt.
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    I bought an awesome brown horsehide jacket from Vanson about 12 years ago. Really thick and heavy. Last I heard they were special order. Extra heavy duty.

    But I ride in Aerostich Transit leathers: black, armored, waterproof, comfortable.

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