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Thread: Photo sharing sites-What do you like?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JDOCKERY132445 View Post
    The owner is an ##s. No way would he get any of my money.
    Interesting personal opinion.

    While I don't know him personally, the fact is though that his company's service is top notch, and gives me exactly what I need for photo hosting.
    He also uses SmugMug's success to finance for hundreds of thousands of riders to use for free and without ads.
    There's no other bike forum with as many active members like ADV you can use for free without restriction or ads. He's done quite a bit for the motorcycle community and I'm happy to pay him for Smugmug. Heck, here on MOA we pay, and still gets ads plus our personal info hacked off the servers....
    He's does things right plus with good taste, and is OK by me.

    Quote Originally Posted by dwyandell View Post
    Remember here that Google, for example, is an advertising agency. It is not an 'information service'. Advertising is what they make money from. They use the information they gather--from your searches, email content, etc.--to profile their users and target their advertising selectively.

    My point is that you should expect to get ads on free services, including the 'free' versions of photo hosting sites. The real questions are: 'do you care about having a few ads?', 'do you get plastered not just with ads ON the pages you are showing, but SPAM email and ads AFTERWARDS?', and then, 'how cheap are you, really?' All the better free services offer fee-based versions with less (or no) ads or branding.

    I think 'which service is best' depends on your answer to those questions, and also what you are planning to use the service for.

    Very nice post dwyandell, I agree completely.

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    Absolutely professionally done great service through messaging and email, and great printing services. I went through several of the "free" services and while serviceable I like the no ad no bs approach of SmuMug. I have the upgraded account. One thing I like is you can just send a link to someone if you want to show off some photos and every gallery can be public or private. Nice look to the custom page you make for your pictures. Thge guy supports ADVRIDER for free, so good on him. I like it.

    I have recommended the site to others. All who sign up like it. Works well on MACS also.
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