Hey, thanks for looking.

We need one or two individuals who would like to host a group camp-out on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings ahead of our rally (July 17-18).

The location is in SE Missouri, deep in the Mark Twain National Forest, and it's surrounded by excellent paved and unpaved riding.

The location is within a morning's ride of the rally, assuming you don't get distracted by the excellent riding between this campsite and Sedalia.

I'm not going to release this location publicly because it was given to me with the trust that it not be blabbed all over the internets....

The only requirement is that you arrive on Tuesday afternoon and set up your tent and stay through (at least) Wednesday evening, preferrably Thursday morning. Everyone else coming by will be expected to fend for themselves. (however, if you have large saddlebags for ice and beer, we'll buy if you fly).

Please let me know if you're interested in helping out....