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Thread: Mirror Extensions

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    Just make sure that he includes a reverse threaded nut and bolt on one side.

    Having the right mirror go floppy at 80MPH is a bit disconcerting and inless youer carrying an 10mm Socket wrench in your tank bag, you're kinda screwed.


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    RS mirror extensions

    so guys i'm a bit late

    R100RS mirror extensions made and sold by Nick Greear is Bill or anyone thinking of/ or making RS mirror extensions??



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    Here's what I did on my RS:
    You can buy OEM mirror mounts (called "mirror base") for not much $.
    46 63 1 236 129 MIRROR BASE LEFT - BLACK $8.98
    46 63 1 236 130 MIRROR BASE RIGHT - $8.98
    I drilled out the hole that the original mirror bolted into. I then took an afteremarket stalk mounted mirror of decent quality and bolted it to the OEM mirror mount. A bit of grinding with the dremel and it looked and worked very well. I unbolted the originals (mounts and mirrors) and put them in a box, so I could go back to stock if all I want to see is my elbows.
    Theo Marks
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    '88 R100RS (gone but not forgotten)

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    1982 rs

    With the help of my brother-in-law I made mirror mounts for stalked Rizoma mirrors.

    It was easy, take a block of aluminum and remove all the material that is not mirror mount.

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    Hey Theo,
    Any chance of posting a picture or two of your work?
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    bike gone

    Sorry bike has been sold and is long gone. But really it was cheap and easy, and totally returnable to stock if desired.

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