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Thread: I Am One of Us

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    I Am One of Us

    Greetings to all. I would like to say hi to all the members and non members who have yet to join. I fully joined about 2 weeks ago after much research in buying a new bike and reading many of the posts of BMW riders. My name is Paul White, some people know me as Rip, and I live in Stamford, Conneticut. I would like to thank all of you for your comments, advice and opinions about all the various topics you can find here as well as other BMW sites. I am now the proud owner of a BMW 2004 K1200GT Dark Metallic Blue with 9910miles on this incredible machine and is sitting comfortably in my garage. I will post pictures asap to show off my bike. It was a great ride home from 90 miles away and living in Connecticut and being able to ride on January 28 is blessing, especially here in the northeast where last year we had 4-5 feet of snow. I have been bikeless for 5 years and now I am one of us again. Thankfully traveling out west the last couple of years awkened me to what I had been missing.
    I don't have any riding mates to share my joy, excitement and ever other emotion I have at my good fortune. So I share it with all of you. I will be introducing myself to the riding groups in the CT. NY. VT. PA. to have places to ride to and listen to the stories of their rides, exploits, and other GRAND tells of adventures and mayhem.
    Thank you for your time and reading my post. I wish all of us a great riding season with smooth roads, great weather, and the wind at our back and a cold beer at the end of the day.

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    RIP -

    Nice introduction...and nice bike! I'm sure you'll find people to share you new found joy with on the forum. Checkout the tech forums as well as the Northeast Regionals for happenings around you. Spring should be here soon!!
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    Hi Rip! You now have several thousand new friends who share your excitement. Welcome!

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    Rip, welcome to the MOA, to the BMW brand, and especially to the "Dark Side" Klassic K-Bikes! I have an '03 K1200RS and just love it! You'll find there are a lot of really nice BMW riders in your area and several enthusiastic local clubs. Again - welcome to the family!
    Greg Feeler
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