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Thread: Feeling Good on the Road

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    Feeling Good on the Road

    Actually, the title of the article at this link is "11 Quick Ways to Feel Feminine on the Road." Comes from backpacking but IMHO that's a lot like motorcycling. Is it of any value for me to post this here?
    Kent Christensen
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    I'd kind of like to see the comparable list for guys.
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    Face wipes are a must - especially in warmer weather. It's an instant freshen-up!

    I'm a believer in the perfum and jewelry too.

    Has anyone ever tried the dry shampoo? I'm one of those who absolutely must wash my hair every day to feel like I'm together.

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    I saw a couple of different brands of dry shampoo in the drugstore for the first time last weekend. Maybe I'll pick one up and give it a go now, in the 'off season'. It'll give me an idea what it can and can't do for me. I'll let you know.

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