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Thread: 2005 Boxer Cup Replika

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    You need to post a picture of your bike in the Oilheads section. It will make some people very happy to see another "S" (especially a BCR).

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    Can I join?

    Going to pick up my (new-to-me) 2004 on Friday. Yeah, that's the MaxBMW picture. They had it in their Troy shop but had them truck it to the NH store.

    Hope it can get along with the K100RS
    John & Cathy
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    Congrats! It is a sweet ride. My stepson had one just like the OP, 'till it got torched by a vandal....Got to ride it once, a bit aggressive of a riding position for me, but it was really sweet in the twisties. He really enjoyed it at the track. Have fun!
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    Another chance to post a pic of my bike? Sure.


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    your 2005 bcr

    I believe the '05 did not come with the memorobilia you were thinking of. Only the 03-04 did as they were "signed and numbered" limited editions. The 05, while limited in numbers was not a "true" limited edition and therefore did not come with the memorobilia you mentioned. I have an '04 BTW......

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    how ironic. I grew up in Toga town.

    Now i'm closer to NYC

    Quote Originally Posted by Canine64 View Post
    I live in Saratoga Springs, NY. Where is Somers, NY?
    Enjoying the ride, but always on the alert for a rally.......

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