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Thread: +Venture Heated Gear

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    +Venture Heated Gear

    Anyone familiar with this brand?

    it's appealing because the illustration shows full coverage of back, chest, arms and collar.

    "micro fiber" wires appear to keep bulk down.

    This looks like you can bring just one jacket for camp and heated gear.




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    Is that any different than the Gerbings? It has microwires and full upper body coverage.

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    never heard of that brand but in my opinion warm and safe is the gold standard when it comes to any type of heated gear. if you do decide to go with +Venture gear make sure they stand behind there product in case you have to send it in for repair. nothing worse then buying a heated liner this year only to find out the company is no longer in business next year when you need a repair. i would stick to one of the big names in heated gear with warm and safe being my personal choice.

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    Never heard of Gerbings?
    They make the gear for Harley too.
    I have always heard that they are the standard, don't count them out or buy another brand without checking them out.

    I have friends with the Tourmaster gear and it works great too. The temp controller comes with it and it works great.

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