Mmmm, Porsche Turbo. Liquid cooling, which the one in the picture is not, gave the young upcoming professional a more, shall we say refined driving experience. Porsche managed to get much more out of their engines with liquid cooling with the benefit of quieting things down to the point where you can hear the turbo(s) and not the howl of the cooling fan under accelleration. I wrenched on many of the old ones and liquid cooling does have many advantages and complexities. I cannot imagine my R1200RT being much quieter, but I would welcome a wet clutch as a by product of this and more torque and horsepower, though not necessary I would never turn it down. I would love to see a return of a friggen' normal drain and fill plug for the final drive, ala the Kawasaki C-14 which takes maybe 10 minutes to R&R the fliud, that is if you drink two beers in the process.