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Thread: Holding my battery charge on R1150GS

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    Holding my battery charge on R1150GS

    I recently purchased a 2001 R1150GS and don't have access to electrical for hooking up a battery tender. I have a gel battery and would like to know about how long I can expect the battery to hold its charge. The bike's stored in a garage with winter temps inside ranging from 50 down to 30. I'd like to be able to have it last for at least one week
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    Depends where you are located for one?
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    A good battery should easily last a week.
    Be sure to go for a good ride at higher RPM when you do take it out.
    (don't expect to properly recharge idling in city traffic)
    If you end up with a problem with battery discharging over a longer period and want to keep it up with no Tender, you can charge up a good car battery at home and backfeed the bike thru the power port. Be sure to observe the correct polarity! +to+ -to-
    What you are doing is increasing the capacity of the bikes battery with the car one.
    A few cautions:
    - Only connect the 2 together when the bikes battery is fully charged or near so (if the bike battery is discharged you may blow the 15A accessory fuse.)
    - Don't turn on or try to crank the bike when the car battery is connected.
    - Protect the plug on the car battery end when unplugged.
    - A basic knowledge of electrical is required
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    This could also be an option if they have one set up for gel cel battteries

    I just sent them a message asking about their absorption and float voltages for each model including the solar models. I'll add a post when I get a response.
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