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the breather hose is routed then along the frame and dumped rear of the rear fender. We have seen many done this way. It keeps the deposits out of the engine. Look at diesel trucks, they all have a tube hanging down for breather. The down side is it will drip, you will bump into it and get oily, if pulling a trailer it will have spots. Glen @ http://www.thoroughbred-cycles.com/ is a beliver of this. Like I said I have had bikes with it done and and bike with it not done. Its a personal choice weather to dump it back into the engine and create more deposits or dump it back to the earth to kill fish and birds, but that where it came from?
Hey Mike. Thanks for the reply on that. Not really worried about the fish and birds since there seem to be an over abundance in the neighborhood.

I am curious as to how this tube would exit the engine houseing or the air box housing without adding an additional hole with a drill. I will leave it be and look into it the next time I change the air filter.