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Thread: MOA Spain Trip

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    I've riden Spain twice - once in southern Spain and once in northern Spain. Both rides were fantastic! The roads are great. The scenery is great. The food is great. The people are very friendly.
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    We went with Edelweiss to Andalucia a couple of years ago.

    Great trip!

    Ronda was a highlite for sure.

    We didn't make it to Gibraltar sadly. Book a tour there as soon as you arrive, we waited and couldn't get one as they where all full. Same with a bull fight, plan early and get a ticket.

    The riding was great, the scenery was beautiful and the people a lot of fun.


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    If you ride on your own you should buy a street map. Because there are roads like interstates but are not called like that (wide, fast and to lanes in each direction, quite boring). So it will happen that your GPS will use them (even if you exclude interstates on GPS).

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    I lived in Spain for 9 years - Catalunya and Mallorca and ended up commuting to the Bilbao area for a year.
    Try and book a night or two at Paradors - or make a travel route around using them. They are an experience!
    If time is limited and you don't want to ride long days (Spain is a big country) spend 2 - 3 weeks on the island of Mallorca (Majorca) in English. It is a microcosm of Spain with a fantastic city (Palma) and old town w/ cathedral, beaches, mountains, forests and desert. Also - some of the best riding roads in Europe. I lived there for 5 years and would go back and live as a garbage pail! Loved it!
    Easy to self tour as most everyone speaks English.
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