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Thread: Calfironia 2012 Traffic Fines

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    Calfironia 2012 Traffic Fines

    If you reside in the great state of California, or it you are considering a visit, you may want to review the new 2012 Traffic regs and associated fines: effective 01/01/2012.

    Posted in The Club > Regional West, as a courtesy...

    Also applies in the State of California...
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    Welp, you do know the solution to the PDRK's (peepuls demokratic republik of kaliphornya) rules and your driving are don't you? There are two of them. Comply with the rules, or leave to a state that suits you better.

    Frankly what you posted on the western side of the forum doesn't really surprise me or give me cause for alarm. FWIW in AZ in the late 80's and mid 90's driving without insurance was $1500.00 so the kali fine really doesn't faze me a bit. I also have insurance. We have been avoiding the state for several years now because of the high costs, even for visiting, crowds and some of the drakonian laws.

    Avoiding fines is pretty darn easy.
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    These are all fine (no pun intended), but what about the Linsey Lohan types? Are they reduced for them or written off as promotional costs? I love California...only in America, but really, really, only in California!
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    talking on a cell phone or texting

    is more dangerous than driving over the legal limit for BAC.

    the fine should should be more than $148.00
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