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Thread: Retirement!!!

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    Sorry for your loss Rich.

    I too left a few days into the new year so got as much from retirement system I could.
    Happy New Years and Adios in same breath
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    Quote Originally Posted by Visian View Post
    This sounds great... where is it held?
    The Flamingo Flotilla does this thing every year in late January into early February. It's pretty much for kayak sailboat type of craft. Originally it was a Folbot thing; but now it's pretty much some heavy duty sailing rigs...….Anyway, this year it's January 26 until February 5 at Flamingo campground, Everglades National Park...……….maybe 50 folks or so. Half and half campers and RVers…..For us, we love to go back into the mangroves and try not to get lost on the various trails as we manipulate the boat through the grass and mangroves......Lots of birding and critter watching.... Then there is LOTS of sailing out and around the various islands..……..Anyway, a good time.....NO FEES just folks hanging out …………...COME ON are welcome to put your tent on our site...….God bless....Dennis

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    I have been retired for almost 4 years now. JW electrician ,35 years worth. It took one year to sell old home and remodel a new place. We all have other responsibilities too, live goes on. One is more riding time when the weather is good and helping others. One advice I took was to take one day a week to relax!
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    Quote Originally Posted by scooter trash View Post
    I am new to this organization and have been in awe of the number of miles traveled per year by the members. I think to myself. What do these people do that affords them so much time off to ride all over the world? Now I know. Congratulations to all of you retired riding people. I will get there someday and ride along with you but until then it's just 2 weeks vacation a year. I envy you and cannot wait till the time comes for me to retire.
    I posted this 01/11/2012. Next May I am moving from the everyday worker to an on call consultant. My boss for the last 11 years has moved on to open his own business and has asked me to join him. I told him I was retiring next May and he said no problem, come to work for me as an on call consultant. Be your own boss work a couple days a month and the rest of the time you and your wife can go riding. Besides I know you hate cold weather so it will give you something to do during the winter months. I told him Florida is great for riding in the winter. He said think about it. He is a great boss and I love the work so I guess I will slowly work into retirement for now. Ride more and work less. Sounds good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scooter trash View Post
    I told him Florida is great for riding in the winter.
    Yes it is and I am looking forward to my retirement from full time work next summer as I transition into a new season of life as well.

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