Since i was sort of forced in to an early retirement and spent most of what I had put aside to stay alive I think my perspective may be a bit slanted.

I am asked every so often about this situation, my response is:

It really does not matter how much you have it's probably not enough.
You cannot even begin to second guess what the future holds so as long as you are happy or can at least live a lifestyle that you think makes you happy, just get on with it.

I know a fair number of retirees now and almost everyone has some sort of financial strain at one time or another. A few do not and they still watch the pennies pretty close.
You make the adjustments you need to and find something to occupy your time.

Health and family are the most important to me at this point. I would hate to give up my only real vice ( motorcycles) and am blessed with a wife that does not mind , but if it came to it I would .