Before my event as they call it, I was living in FL. and hanging around a very active sailing club.
I would listen to all the talk about "When I retire ,etc" from these folks.
They would spend all sorts of money getting the boat ready for the big trip. Then suddenly the wife would say, uh i didn't really mean it that I would like to do this and the boat would sit.

Or all the money was spent outfitting the boat, a bunch of trips were planned for when the retirement day/mortgage was paid off/kids graduated etc. The dock lines would go limp from rot and the old man would drop dead.

What i am trying to convey is this;
if you can at all possibly do it, GO NOW !!
do not fall into that trap of waiting just one more year until whatever the excuse/reasons you use to justify not going and doing that life long dream.

I got to do a lot more and see a lot more than many, but if I had only gone a year earlier than planned , maybe, just maybe i would have dodged that bullet. I'm certainly not dead yet , but my plans have been drastically altered. The good news is i still can and do what i can manage and do not regret anything in my life.