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Thread: Gerbing jacket liner ?

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    Dual Lock

    Search "Dual Lock Fastener" at Amazon. Lot's of choices
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    Quote Originally Posted by 175887 View Post
    +1 to what David said.
    Actually a dual heat controller may be warranted for liner and gloves. I tend to run them at different settings.
    This is what my wife likes, but she can never remember which knob controls what. I have and pefer the single controler. It doesn't bother me to have my jacket liner, pants and gloves all at the same tempature
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    I decided to try the Warm & Safe jacket liner and decided I like it a bit better than the Gerbing.

    Both liners heat just fine. Never had the controller over 1/3 of the way up 32??F.

    It was just a matter of fit and convenience. I likes the way the collar fit on the W&S , it's a bit looser and just felt better to me. I Also liked the way the W&S came down a bit further in the back. The way the receiver and the wires tucked away in the pocket was more convenient for me.

    No big deal just personal preference . I would be fine with either.
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