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Thread: BMWs in this month's Drive magazine

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    BMWs in this month's Drive magazine

    Was paging through the mag my wife gets for buying a Subaru. There's an article titled "Garage Beautiful" that includes a shot of a beautiful room with some gorgeous vintage bikes.

    From the caption:

    Peter Nettesheim built a large, barn-style garage on the back two acres of his Long Island yard to work on and display his collection of more than 50 vintage BMW motorcycles and four classic cars.


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    Knowing the worth of those antique vehicles, the garages would seem to be a personal showroom where the lucky owners can enjoy thier beautiful possessions. Now where is that winning Lottery ticket? LOL
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    Somehow it does not surprise me that Peter is a Subaru man.

    (my subaru is too old, they don't send me that magazine any more.)

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