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I posted in December with gaines from a combination of cam sprockets, exhaust and FRK module. I have since taken my R1200ST back to Dave Campbells shop and rechecked the AF ratio and decided to tune with a PC 3. We ended up with more HP thru the midrange than with FRK but the real gains were in torque. The motor picked up 6 ft at 3500 and 19 ft at 5500. Those figures are compared to a stock motor with a free flow exhaust. The HP and TQ modified and stock cross at about 7500 rpm. As you can tell this makes a great motor especially two up and loaded. Most of these gains can be attributed to the cam sprockets and the PC3. For the RT,GS riders looking for more low end and mid range power this could be something you would be interested in.
What were the actual peak numbers?