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Thread: EZ-Pass

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    Quote Originally Posted by na1g View Post
    Like bmwrider88, I have had a few problems in NY, too. I have a "FastLane" transponder (Massachusetts' name for the EZPass) that works in my jacket chest pocket - usually. On a trip across the Rip VanWinkel Bridge (really) in NY state, I had to wait for a person to come over, take my transponder back to the booth, scan it and return it. This really pleased the thirty drivers now backed-up behind me. And once it failed to register at the Newburg exit of the NY Thruway.

    Had the same problem with EZPass on the Rip Van Winkle Bridge. Only place that has ever happened to me.
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    My E-ZPass does not work from my pocket. So far I've only tried it successfully in my tank bag window.
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    I tried putting it in my pocket and had no luck. I did end up riding a serious wheelie out of the toll booth while I tried to put the Ezpass back in my pocket while trying to outrun an Audi that wanted to occupy my spot on the road.

    I either keep it in a tank bag or in a Otter box type container on the rear rack of my R1200R. I have also used 3M dual lock to attach it inside my windshield. Velcro does not work well for this application.
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    The Maine Turnpike Authority makes it pretty difficult to get an EZ-Pass transponder. Several years ago, my wife discovered in a trip to see her parents in NY that it is much easier to get a transponder there. So we have our account in NY rather than ME.

    After I got a transponder for my bike, I couldn't find a good holder. I was on the phone with a NY agent for something else and she suggested just placing it in my jacket pocket, which I've done. I've also placed it in the top of my BMW tank bag. In both locations, I get a yellow light (never green) going through the booth. I've not gone through a gate yet (like on a bridge) so I don't know if this means a gate won't lift for me. Anyway, the NY agent insisted that I should be fine, that even if it doesn't register, a photo is taken and they match the license plate number with your tag and then manually post the toll to your account. She said that it may delay the accounting if you check the status online, but your account will be deducted and no tickets issued. So far, that's been my experience.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AKsuited View Post
    In New York, a motorcycle-specific EZ Pass cuts your tolls on the NYS Thruway in half:

    Motorcycles will be charged 50% of the cash toll rate. Cannot be combined with commuter plans. Plan Code: (MTRC)

    In PA, you also get a discount with a separate motorcycle transponder. So we have separate ones for the cars and for each of the mbikes. Although, when your balance gets low on any of them, they charge $35.00 to each transponder unit! What a rip!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by wavery View Post
    With the PA Turnpike a constant presence in my life, I need to figure out the best way to mount an EZ-Pass to my bike. I've read through some of the older threads on the topic, and it sounds like an exterior transponder mounted to the front forks works well. Does anyone happen to have a picture what this looks like?

    I'm also considering this EZ Toll product (a mesh bag that ties onto the bike):

    Does anyone have any experience with this solution? It seems like an inexpensive option if it works.

    I don't have a map bag, and I'm not ready to spend $50+ on a special mount just for EZ-Pass.

    I ride a GS and I used the velcro-like adhesive that comes with the tag inside the handle-guard and I (re)secured it with cable-tie.
    It may not be elegant, but works perfectly.
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    I've carried my ezpass in both jacket pockets and tank bags with pretty good success. I did get caught last summer in IL, couldnt open a couple of gates no matter how much I waved that blasted thing over my head. No attendant only an intercom back to some central location, which was comedy all its own, here I am on the highway, cars zipping past, helmet, earplugs, a lousy speaker, couldnt find my reading glass's and trying to read back the 199 digit alphanumeric code on the back of the transponder. I think they finally got frustrated with me and opened the gate to just get rid of me. Those were the only spots I had an issue with. I will be mounting it on the inside of the scout faring windshield this spring, 3m dual lock strips, Maine Turnpike provides them for free, stuff holds very well.
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    EZ Pass

    I have a Florida EZ pass, put in my pocket, leather jacket and it works fine. Just have to make sure you have it facing to the front as it would be on the windshield of your vehicle.

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    If you plan on using an E-ZPass on a road trip, don't wait until the last minute. It took three weeks to get my tags (transponders) and "plans" sorted out in my New York E-ZPass account, with a couple of phone calls to customer service.

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    Sensitive to Orientation

    You need to be aware that EZ Pass transponders are sensitive to how they are oriented/displayed. They need to be facing similar to how they would be mounted in a car windshield. Turned 180 degrees, won't respond; 90 out of alignment may or may not respond; in a jacket pocket facing 90 degrees forward, probably won't respond.

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    I bought a metal holder with clamps that snap on my cylinder guards.
    I've registered my 3 bikes on it, and it's worked everywhere.

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    I bought an I-Pass about 9 years ago and it worked fine on the windshield of my R1200R as well as on a Rifle superbike fairing windshield. Never tried it in a pocket. Did the mandatory upgrade about 3 years ago and the new transponder would not work on the R1200, although it worked fine in the car. I am guessing configuration has something to do with this. The old one was maybe 3" square and 1/2" thick. The new one is 3-1/2" by 1-1/2" and the thickness varies from top to bottom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcabiles View Post
    You need to be aware that EZ Pass transponders are sensitive to how they are oriented/displayed. They need to be facing similar to how they would be mounted in a car windshield. Turned 180 degrees, won't respond; 90 out of alignment may or may not respond; in a jacket pocket facing 90 degrees forward, probably won't respond.
    Ha. Well, that's good information. In my car, I pull my EZPass out of the glove box and throw it on the dash. Sometimes I do get a read out that says something like "tag not read" or whatever, but then it usually says "EZPass paid" next gate I go thru.

    The tunnels and bridges around NYC are EXPENSIVE. Once while working up there and driving across bridges and stuff daily, I depleted my account so fast that it couldn't keep up. After a couple read outs indicating my pass wasn't being read, I called them to ask what was up. The nice person told me it takes a day or so for the EZPass account to be credited. He pulled my account up and saw where I was, reading back to me the sequence of "events". It never occurred to me they might be surcharging me as though it were my own fault!

    Frankly, I never, EVER look at my account until the end of each year when I print out the statement, add it all up, and deduct the total from my taxable income.
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