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Thread: Business in Knoxville

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    Business in Knoxville

    While visiting the Knoxville area this past week I ventured downtown to Market Square. There was this cool little motorcycle themed business there with some very unusual stuff. Stupid me walked out without picking up a business card and can't remember the name of the place. It had "moto" in it but that's all I remember. They had a nice line of LED lights there for all types of motorcycle and marine uses that I want to explore further. Anyone in the Knoxville area know the name of the place? Thanks.

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    Was this it? Local Motors?
    Let's hope that it is....

    This is what is soooooooo cool about United by a common marque, BMW, we have, among us, such a diverse body of interest...

    Local Motors is, let us say, an interesting operation.... automobiles, or motorcycles, toys, machts nicht..... . I don't think that you could say that it is a "motorcycle themed" business; more, like a motorhead micro-manufacturing themed business... .

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    yep, that's it. Agree with other post, this is not strictly a motorcycle themed business. Just thought that since they had two really cool customer bikes in the window. But, they have lots of stuff that I wish I had in my garage. They are into making stuff with 3D printers. Even made a whole car. Anyway, thanks for the link. Gonna give them a call and find out more about those lights.

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